Python Module Index

hoomd HOOMD-blue main package.
    hoomd.analyze Analyze system configurations.
    hoomd.benchmark Benchmarking utilities.
    hoomd.cgcmm CGCMM coarse grained potential.
    hoomd.cgcmm.angle CGCMM angle potential.
    hoomd.cgcmm.pair CGCMM pair potential.
    hoomd.cite Citation generator.
    hoomd.comm MPI run interface.
    hoomd.compute Compute system properties.
    hoomd.context Manage execution contexts. Access system configuration data.
    hoomd.dem DEM package.
    hoomd.dem.pair Compute properties of hard particle configurations.
    hoomd.dem.utils Various convenience methods for working with shapes
    hoomd.deprecated Deprecated features.
    hoomd.deprecated.analyze Deprecated analyzers.
    hoomd.deprecated.dump Deprecated trajectory file writers.
    hoomd.deprecated.init Deprecated initializers.
    hoomd.dump Write system configurations to files. Group particles.
    hoomd.hdf5 Python classes that depend on the h5py package.
    hoomd.hpmc HPMC package.
    hoomd.hpmc.analyze Compute properties of hard particle configurations.
    hoomd.hpmc.compute Compute properties of hard particle configurations. Shape data structures.
    hoomd.hpmc.field Apply external fields to HPMC simulations.
    hoomd.hpmc.integrate HPMC integrators.
    hoomd.hpmc.update HPMC updaters.
    hoomd.hpmc.util HPMC utilities.
    hoomd.init Initialize the system configuration.
    hoomd.jit Experimental package for using JIT compiled C++ code during simulations.
    hoomd.jit.external JIT compiled external potentials.
    hoomd.jit.patch JIT compiled patch potentials.
    hoomd.lattice Define crystal lattices. Molecular Dynamics. Angle potentials. Bond potentials. Electrostatic potentials. Constraints. Dihedral potentials. External forces. Apply forces to particles. Improper potentials. Integration methods. Neighbor list acceleration structures. Pair potentials. Pair potentials between special pairs of particles Update particle properties. Wall potentials.
    hoomd.meta Write out simulation and environment context metadata.
    hoomd.metal Metal potentials.
    hoomd.metal.pair Metal potentials.
    hoomd.mpcd Multiparticle collision dynamics.
    hoomd.mpcd.collide Collision methods for MPCD particles Access system configuration data.
    hoomd.mpcd.force MPCD external force fields
    hoomd.mpcd.init Initialize the system configuration.
    hoomd.mpcd.integrate Integration methods for MD particles in confined geometries Streaming methods for MPCD particles
    hoomd.mpcd.update Updaters for MPCD particles
    hoomd.option Set global options.
    hoomd.update Modify the system state periodically.
    hoomd.util Utilities.
    hoomd.variant Specify values that vary over time.