Deprecated features


Commands and features deprecated in v2.x will be removed in v3.0.


Feature Replace with
Python 2.7 Python >= 3.6
static parameter in dump.gsd dynamic parameter
set_params and other set_* methods Properties (under development)
context.initialize New context API (under development)


Feature Replace with Offline analysis: e.g. Freud’s msd module.
deprecated.dump.xml dump.gsd
deprecated.dump.pos dump.gsd with on-demand conversion to .pos.
deprecated.init.read_xml init.read_gsd
deprecated.init.create_random mBuild, packmol, or user script.
deprecated.init.create_random_polymers mBuild, packmol, or user script.


Feature Replace with
ignore_overlaps parameter interaction_matrix
sphere_union::max_members parameter no longer needed
convex_polyhedron_union convex_spheropolyhedron_union, sweep_radius=0
setup_pos_writer member n/a
depletant_mode='circumsphere' no longer needed
max_verts parameter no longer needed
depletant_mode parameter no longer needed
ntrial parameter no longer needed
implicit boolean parameter set fugacity non-zero


Feature Replace with
cgcmm.angle.cgcmm no longer needed
cgcmm.pair.cgcmm no longer needed